Naomi Woodspring has lived several lives. From backpacking through the Andes with $30 in her bag, to falling in love and moving to Bristol, to becoming an academic later in life she has done it all. She has earned her MA from John F Kennedy University and PhD at the University of West England where her studies have focused largely on ageing and Baby Boomers  This is her second book.


What do you love most about Your City?

Bristol, UK is a vibrant, gritty place….. on any day of the week I can hear music, dance, listen to some interesting person talking about something I want to know more about or didn’t know anything about, walk to the harbor or green space or, eat a terrific meal with a friend.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

Fruit, homemade granola and keifer. Restaurant….. hmmm, that’s a tough one, it changes all the time – maybe, the new Persian, Koocha.

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – Sleeping. I have a great relationship with Morpheus and my best dreams float in at around 6:00…..inspiring ideas, working out anxieties and stresses, or just some scene that wakes me up looking forward to the day.

10:00 AM – Working at my home office desk or a meeting though I try to schedule meetings either early or late so they don’t break up my day.

12:00 PM - Favorite Power Lunch spot/meal?

Bakesmiths – simple fresh food

7:00 PM -  Cooking. Cooking is one of the ways I unwind… it is another kind of meditation – moving around my kitchen chopping, spicing, tasting.

11:00 PM – Reading with a book in my hands – I still love the weight and feel of real binding and pages you can turn.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

 Water throughout the day and a glass of red wine at the end of the day.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

Instagram. At the moment I am following a number of tattoo artists who are doing just amazing work. My favourite, at the moment, may be Stephanie Brown.

What should everyone try at least once?

Walking with no particular place to go.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

In thought.