What’s Your Story?


My Tip of the Day: Make it your priority to equip yourself with the skills and tools to succeed. Also, take the time to reflect on your purpose, and then chase it with zeal. True purpose will lead you on the right path every time.


Dune Ives: Executive Director, Lonely Whale

My Tip of the Day: Be open to others ideas and perspectives so that I can learn something new today.


Justin Stefano & Philippe von Borries: Co-founders, Refinery29

Career advice to those in your industry?

The moment you have doubts, you need to start a quick and efficient decision-making process. 


Yvette Heyliger: Playwright, Producing artist & Activist

My Current Passions?

My passion is service.  I’ve been practicing this, in one way or another, my whole life: my sisters and I were Girl Scouts; we accompanied our mother to volunteer on city council and mayoral campaigns; and I offer service in the ashram. 


Caryl M. Stern: President & CEO, UNICEF USA

Career advice to those in your industry?

Find something to love – whether it be a person you are doing the work for, the cause/effort of your work, or your work in general. Finding this passion gives you the power to wake up and fill your heart to impact yourself and others. It truly provides that feeling of fulfillment and joy.


Gail Moaney: Founding Managing Partner, Finn Partners

Career advice to those in your industry?

Be an instigator and an agent of change. “Upset the apple cart.”  Propose new ways of doing things, new ways of solving old problems. Be the one to ask “what if…”


Jimmy Wales; Founder, Wikipedia

Career advice to those in your industry?

Don't waste too much time on a prior thinking.  Just get started.  Fail faster, which means: do small low-cost low-risk experiments to test your ideas and be ready to change quickly


Abigail Disney: CEO, Fork Films & Founder, Peace is Loud Charity

My Tip of the Day: I have never, ever regretted a decision I made that required either courage or generosity.  Everything might not always have worked as I'd have wished, but even when that happened, something good always ultimately resulted.  


Chris Folayan: CEO, Marketplace Africa

My Tip of the Day: The best way to find out if your company is doing well is to talk to the people who interact with your customers daily. The call center. They are the heartbeat of your organization. The ones who know firsthand if you are doing well or not. 


Abigail Tan-Giroud: CEO, St Giles Hotels Group

Career advice to those in your industry?

We are in a people business - Grow a thick skin, it’s not personal. Always try to listen effectively, be able to think from both sides of the table, and believe in yourself. Form and cherish good relationships.

Orit Kopel: Co-Founder, WikiTribune & CEO, Jimmy Wales Foundation

Career advice to those in your industry? Be passionate about what you do and don’t be afraid to be creative and different. The world is waiting for your unique contribution.


Luis Miguel Messianu: Creative Chairman & CEO, Alma

My Tip of the Day: “Life is what happens while you’re busy doing other things.”


Kerstin Neuber: Senior Head of Communications, PUMA

My Tip of the Day: Get on a Chi Machine for 10 minutes and you will feel an amazing energy flow.


Dr. Talya Miron-Shatz: Speaker, Scientist, Author & CEO, Buddy&Soul

My Tip of the Day:  Fill your chest with air! Go all the way. It’s good to be alive.


Elana Sofko: COO, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment

My Tip of the Day:  When you feel overwhelmed with too many priorities, stop what you’re doing. Put your pencil (or phone) down.  Take an hour to organize your thoughts, your notes and then make a plan that includes an actionable mix of top priorities and a few things easily achieved.


Yasmeen Hassan: Global Executive Director, Equality Now

My Tip of the Day: Be hopeful in all you do or set out to do.


Kara Goldin: Founder & CEO, hint, inc.

My Tip of the Day: Others do matter.  Whatever shoes they are walking in, see what you can do to make their day just a tiny bit nicer.  A smile, a bite to eat, a dollar.  A little thing can go a long way.


Priya Malanı: Founding Partner, Stash Wealth

My Tip of the Day: Save First, Blow The Rest #reversebudget. Had to go with my top finance tip here because this tip has changed so many clients’ lives. Don’t save whatever’s left after you spend. Spend whatever’s left after you save. Bonus Tip: Save with purpose - know what you’re saving for!! 


April Uchitel: CEO, Violet Grey

My Tip of the Day: Don’t forget to eat